Agius Property Group is a boutique Real Estate company that is devoted to providing a way for customers to have the house of their dreams in a way that is simple, yet magical. Headquartered at the Norwest Business Park, which houses both our sales and property management teams, devoted to exceeding your sales, or expectations for the house you are yearning to buy.

Let’s get straight to the point, when dealing with property, it is often seen as a complicated, and messy process. But when it comes to actually putting pen to paper that is a different story; that is why you need an agency that will ensure you come out of this big jump without pulling your hair out. Agius Property Group is an Independent agency that means we operate without any constraints therefore that gives us the freedom to be innovative, and more creative in the way we find solutions for our customers. This independence affords us to give our customers an innovative approach meaning we are your direct line of contact in the buying process. Agius Property Group is the option for hundreds of local consumers to handle the sale of their property each year and we are proud and humbled to be known as the leading local real estate firm.

It is Agius Property Group’s vision that you are not just buying a house, but you are purchasing an experience of a lifetime. At Agius Property Group we believe that business should be simple, and straightforward and from that approach real results happen. Because buying a house is a huge thing for anyone to do, and that is why you deserve an agency that will listen, and tailor a service that is right for you.