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Founded in 2010, Benson Auctions continues to operate with a simple but clear objective: To provide agents and their vendors with a professional, dynamic and engaging property auctioneering service that delivers outstanding results. Any property, any day, any time. #TrustTheProcess

 We don’t just work within the property industry, we live and breathe it 24/7. We know our market, its demographics, comparable properties, recent sales, historical information and of course our current auction listings inside and out. We have a thorough understanding into the psychology that delivers our auction day outcomes, meaning we’re acutely aware of everyone’s emotions, and how to best accommodate them in order to arrive at the most appropriate conclusion each and every time.

We have a passion and enthusiasm for our craft that is evident at every single auction. We’re bursting with it! We also have a relentless pursuit of perfection which ensures that we are simply not satisfied with being the Hills District’s most booked, most experienced auction company. We get better with every single call.

 When it comes to our agent partners – whose businesses are built on their reputation, relationships, and results – so too goes Benson Auctions. We are steadfast in our focus to compliment the success and trust that they have earned in their marketplaces, and to be the auction day personification of the very relationships that set them apart from their competition. Their success is our success, and we’re proud to represent the best. If you’re considering taking your property to auction, selecting an agent who utilises Benson Auctions gets you one step closer to having it sold.

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